Monday, November 2, 2009

Compiling The Mana World under Linux - Ubuntu 8.04

Awhile back I wrote a Compiling The Mana World how-to for Ubuntu 9.04 on my main web site. I recently updated the how-to to include Ubuntu 8.04.3 which I recently switched to. It's a little crazy going backwards, but after installing Karmic Koala I found my Lenovo 3000 C100 notebook had developed overheating problems.

Installation of tmw is a bit tricky because of 8.04.3's lack of one package, libguichan-dev. There actually is a libguichan2-dev, which you'd think was a newer version, but it isn't. Compiling against it didn't work for me. I ended up downloading a more recent version of guichan from the guichan site and adding the proper path to the guichan libraries, then doing a ldconfig and recompiling.