Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why the 4144 client

Tarq fighting a Terranite

I recently decided to upgrade one of my systems from Ubuntu 10.04-LTS to 11.10. Having done a bunch of migrations I knew it was a lot easier just to back up and do a fresh install. After reinstalling I decided instead of using the 4144 client I'd give the official client a try again. But within a very short time I'd removed the official client and re-installed the 4144 client.

One very small detail in the 4144 client made me switch back to it - the display of how much damage has been done against a monster. It's a detail that doesn't really matter against weak monsters like fluffies and pinkies, but is really nice to have when you're facing Yetis, Terranites, Fallens or Jack'o. It's a small detail I'd love to see in the official client.

I didn't get a chance to test the stability of the main client on the Auldsbel server. The last time I used the official client it froze on my end when I logged in as GM and entered an area players were. I confirmed this behaviour several times.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Fallens for every Tarq

Spent some time in the graveyard this evening mostly fighting Fallens on my own. It looks like I'm now strong enough to hold off a couple of Fallens at a time. They do take a bit of a chunk out of me, but it's not enough to worry. Fallen after Fallen kept spawning, but only two at a time. When I kill one I manage about 2000-3000 damage before the next one spawns. Killed several Fallens before remembering I had some personal things to do that were time sensitive.

I should mention the combat was with very little healing. I used a few apples (50hp) for healing, but it was more to keep the hit points in the 800hp+ range.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Players coming and going, who's coming and who's going?

I was just reading through the publicly posted GM log files and noticed an announcement from Big Crunch that TheKandiman has left TMW. Not sure why Kandi left, or for how long, but he seemed like I nice guy. I didn't really get to know Kandi or play much with him, but he always seemed to be around Hurnscald and always seemed to be pleasant and respectful. I know he was a developer, but I don't know much about the devs other than o11c and Freeyorp who have both helped me quite a bit. I should mention Frost as well. Thanks.

I took a TMW hiatus several times. I'm quite sure I was playing back in 2004 or 2005 when Tulimshar was it, there really wasn't anything else. A bit later you could walk from Tulimshar to Hurnscald (they were connected by land). I remember some older names Wolf1985, Wayne, Freya (who still plays). Perhaps some of these characters still play under different names...

My wife asked my last night why I was laughing while playing TMW. I laughed because I'd clicked on a player to see what they had equipped: a sharp knife and cotton shirt. The player had made it to Hurnscald and immediately started asking everyone for items. Sounded like someone who'd played before and was given a few items so they figured they'd just beg their way to a decent character rather than doing the leg work in Tulimshar.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mana Press

Just a quick note for TMW players that they might want to read another Mana-World related blog called Mana Press.