Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick tip for Warriors (& others)

Higher level warriors stated for tanking may not necessarily be the fastest or strongest hitters in the field. Sometimes it helps to have a boost. That boost can come from taking Iron Potions and Concentration Potions at the same time. Iron Potions boost damage and Concentration Potions make you hit faster. Iron Potions are easy enough to get, Spiky Mushrooms drop them often enough that 1/2 and hour of work can get you a lot. Concentration Potions however are a bit more of a rare drop. Sea Slimes drop them, but not nearly as often as Iron Potions from Mushrooms. You can buy either, but at 500gp per you need to spend 5000gp just to get 10.

A much simpler method is to take out a bunch of Pink Flowers and trade in pink pedals to Rauk. For every 2 pink petals Rauk will give you a Concentration Potion. Flowers are simple enough to kill for a well stated warrior. Save your gold for something better, use flower power (petal power rather) to get those speedy potions.