Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cindy with a good crew of 4

This evening Zopar, Sango98, Selenil and I ran Cindy, a crew of 4, without any problems. All 3 players are really nice players who seem to understand all aspects of the game including play of different types of characters. My hat(s) off to these three for their skill and understanding.

One of them said "people like this remind me of why I love to play this game," a statement I second and appreciate. TMW can be frustrating at times, especially on long quests where it takes massive collections of difficult to get items.
So what else is new? About 55% left to level, but about 7 million experience to go. Very close to first time around the Love Triangle quest, 1 eye and 4 ears left I think. I have enough Diamonds and Jack'o souls for the next part.

I started the paper quest, but have a way to go for it too.