Friday, April 12, 2013

Terranite Cave

Double trouble Terranites
Lately I started spending some time in the Terranite cave again. I'm usually in one of a couple of places for you PKers, either the red slimes or Terranites. If you see me at the red slimes spot I'm likely gathering cash to host Candor. Lately it seems the best way to gain the most experience in a short time. Kill me if you will, but if you like Candor you're shooting yourself a bit in the foot.

The Terranite spot is all about experience, though I'm also trying to get the components for the Illia Sisters quest again. My last bit I gave to another player so they could attempt it. I still haven't completed the Illia quest once and I'm quite close to level 95 (69.7% as of this morning). It's not for a lack of trying, made it once to Valia with Veryape, but two warriors alone were not enough to beat her.

One down, one to go
So my strategy in the Terranite cave has been to try to take on two at a time. Normally I have concentration potions and iron potions stocked for when there are three Terranites, but I find it mostly unnecessary when taking on two Terranites.

Still far away from a beanie. For some reason I never saw Candor as being much fun, though lately I have to admit it really is. Perhaps it's the wait period, but it's nothing compared to waiting for the Illia Sisters quest, so Candor has become more fun.

I still usually don't get drops (mind you I don't try too hard, I'm usually concentrating on experience and don't even bother pressing z most of the time) in Candor, though a few weeks back I picked up several while I was on the raging stint (didn't like it much, hit too often).

My last word is on the glove quest, which I haven't forgotten, but kind of sidelined. I stopped counting the number of mountain snakes I killed. I'm up to 7 sets of gloves (1 from Candor which makes me wonder because I didn't think Mountain Snakes showed there).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yes, I was a developer once...

Under My Projects: TheManaWorld
What happens when you use a search engine other than Google, sometimes you find surprising results: apparently I had developer status in The Mana World back in April 11, 2004. All I remember contributing back then were ideas for monsters, still it's cool to see that I wasn't imagining things and that I have been a part of TMW since 2004. So where did the 2004 come from - an XML file I found here: