Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Self-inflicted adventure, my robe quest...

I've imposed a self-inflicted quest, to get a robe of every colour! As you all may know it takes 150 cocoons for 1 robe. So far I've collected enough for 4 robes. Collecting cocoons has a side benefit of collecting herbs. I collect in the forest north-east of Hurnscald where the silkworms are really plentiful, so are the herbs and the squirrels which drop herbs. Some nights I can collect a lot of cocoons, other nights are slower, so I concentrate on hunting herbs too.

I recently gave a player 13 mushrooms, so I set a secondary quest to replace them. The going for mushrooms is slow, only 2 collected, but I'm up to another 75 cocoons, half way to the next robe.

One of my problems is that I haven't been generating money. In fact I've been spending it on the dyes (dark blue/black are not dirt cheap). So now I'm concentrating on the cheap dyes for the next batch... then I'll head to the snow town and hunt some bats for cash.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Setzer is mine...

The setzer sword quest was a lot more involved than I expected and seems to only be slightly different than the knife, which actually does more damage and was simpler to get. I also thought I needed 12 snake skins for the quest but think I ended up using 2.

Currently I'm half way through level 65. I've completed all the quests on the Wiki Walkthrough. I actually tried magic for a little bit but discovered you really need to be a collector to get it (both a collector of items and spells, so you need to write down everything and go around pestering people for information). But the change did spur me to find another way to have fun, collecting items. My goal now is to collect certain amounts of different items. Yesterday I fulfilled 100 red scorpion tails. I was spurred on to this goal when some new character tried to sell me a couple of red tails and one black tail.... I wanted to repond "I have 100 already," when in fact I actually only had 54.

So I've decided to be a collector of items. It seems pretty sensible to me to collect things like silk cocoons because robes can be made out of them. I thought I might also collect some perls, logs, and cloth. I started collecting small mushrooms. I must have killed 100 mushrooms just to get 3 or 4 small mushrooms, they were not dropping a lot. I'll post some of my collection at another time.