Sunday, November 18, 2012

A bit about yetis, daily quests, and working together

How many players does it take to kill all the yetis in the Cindy quest? Well, if you've read here before I once did it with 3 other players. That number has now changed to 2 other players: me (warrior), Lycan (archer) and NitayandaRama (mage).

Killing all the yetis took a bit of time, but we managed it. Better to play with a lot of players. The more players the better! If you're a warrior/tank you're not likely going to get drops (unless some kind mage or archer gives them to you). The simple fact is other players do more damage than tank warriors, it's a sacrifice. So what you really want to go for is the daily points. Daily points come at the end of the round when all the yeti's have been killed and Cindy has been saved. Daily points allow you to do more daily quests (Mike's stingers, Riskim's acorns, etc.). Ideally you want to do as many rounds of Cindy as possible. With a big crowd of people rounds go pretty fast (5 minutes to 10 minutes).

Why get so many daily points? Well if you can get yellow and white boxes 3 of each fetches either 5300 gold pieces (and 1300 xp) or 10800 gold pieces (and 2800 xp). The Angela's presents daily quest takes a lot more daily points. Without running Cindy a number of times you might only be able to do it once. Running Cindy you might be able to do it 3 - 5 times, fairly quick 50 grand.. and lots of fun and extras (tears, animal bones, etc.).

But I'm a tank warrior, how do I get presents if no one gives them to me? You don't necessarily have to get the presents from the Cindy quest. There are spots in the wilderness of Nivalis and in caves where you can solo 1 or 2 yetis. Solo yetis (or bring a powerful friend to help - even better) and you can collect presents, tears and bones. Try to think of the whole experience: you're getting good xp, you have a chance to get animal bones (used in high level quests), you have a chance to get tears (also used in high level quests), and you have a chance to get a silly yeti mask (which you can sell or just use to look like a hairy beast in town)... maybe someone will make a matching yeti armor set sometime... The point, yetis are fun. With my current set of statistics I can take a yeti without dropping below 700 hp (so less than 190 damage) before I kill it. Two yetis and I do a bit of dancing to make it so I take on one.