Thursday, April 14, 2011

More stat experiments vs. Jacko

Uwebe owns Jacko with high vitality
Mages own Jacko because of their lightning strike ability. But to kill Jacko they often need to run around like chickens (except in the area pictured where there's a bug which allows mages to freeze jacko and just stand there zapping him with lightning). Warriors don't have the luxury of freezing Jacko which means they either have to kill jacko fast or be able to take a beating.

Killing fast was the suggestion I got over and over again in the graveyard from people, so I thought I'd try a series of stat experiments on the auldsbel server to see which stat made the most difference. The short answer is even more vitality beats out agility, at least while the speed skill is still 1. The difference was a few hundred points of damage against Jacko. The difference could have been more, but Jacko actually died at that point so I couldn't see how much more difference (it was around 500 points of extra damage when Jacko died). Keep in mind Jacko died because of previous pounding from adjusting stats. The following are the stat differences and resulting damage:

Test #1: 41, 60, 80, 1, 65, 62
Test #2: 41, 1, 92, 1, 65, 62

In test #1 the experimental character did 2.7k damage before Jacko killed the character. In test #2 the experimental character did 3.2k of damage before Jacko died. Visually on the screen it looked like the character was going to do more damage, he seemed to be striking faster, but the higher vitality won out. The speed skill was in focus for test #1, but the character only had speed 1. Perhaps with speed 9 this would have been a very different result - I'll probably come back to this experiment when Tarq (Tarq has speed 9) makes level 87 on the main server (he's 82 now). For the moment it seems it's better to pump points into vitality instead of agility, warrior tanks seem to be better than warrior chickens.

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