Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Wilderness around the graveyard

In large groups the graveyard is one of the best areas to rapidly gain experience. Quite a bit of Tarq's leveling in the 75+ range was done in the graveyard.  But as much as I enjoy knocking around zombies with a gang of other goons, I prefer doing things on my own.

Some characters in their 90's might solo areas of the graveyard, but even they run the risk of getting swarmed by too many zombies, skeletons, and lady skeletons. A few are easily manageable, but 8 or 9 end up being dangerous even for powerful characters.

Outside the graveyard there's lots of opportunity to fight skeletons and lady skeletons. Zombies don't wander outside the graveyard, which is probably a good thing since they tend to hit quite a bit harder. Perhaps one of the best creatures to fight outside the graveyard are Poltergeists, blue/cyan balls of energy in TMW. Poltergeists don't do the damage skeletons do (skeletons still hit me the odd time for 10-20 damage, Poltergeists), but they can be deadly in groups. At 81 I can manage 3 Poltergeists without suffering too much damage, but any more and I know I need to start running.

It's almost the same for skeletons, though today when I thought I was fighting 2 skeletons and suffering too much damage I learned there were 4 stacked together - I might as well have been in the graveyard.

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