Friday, May 31, 2013

Level 47 archer versus level 46 warrior

A couple of posts ago I posted some progression statistics on a warrior that leveled from level 42 to level 46. When that warrior reached level 47 I decided to switch classes briefly to see how he faired as a ranger. General wisdom in the forums suggest maxing dexterity before any other statistic. So as such his stats were as follows:

str: 1, agi: 4=1+3, vit: 1, int: 1, dex: 87=84+3, luk: 2=1+1

The pluses are because of the ranger outfit and a four leaf clover. This concentration on dexterity makes the character pretty unbalanced. Where the archer excels is the attack statistic, 221, compared to the 166 of the archer (based on his 40 dexterity). The accuracy is also higher at 134 compared to 86 on the warrior.

However one statistic stands out as particularly bad, and that is the attack delay which is 808 compared to 495. Of course on higher level archers this number will drop like a stone as agility is ramped up.

What I find interesting is that agility seems to affect more statistics than dexterity. It's also worth noting that both dexterity and agility seem to have an effect on accuracy (meaning you're more likely to hit monsters putting points in both agi and dex).

Hit points were also lower than the fighters though this is likely a result of vitality.

Looking at overall statistics the warrior actually looks better doing 335 damage per second compared to the archer's 273 damage per second. And keep in mind this is a level 46 warrior vs. a level 47 archer. As this character approaches 48 I'll switch back and stat him similar to before to give more even warrior statistic.

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