Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warlord Plate Armor and Leather Gloves

Tarq finally collected enough iron ingots and coal for Warlord Plate with the last 10 coal coming from Prsm. I also exchanged a 8 lice filled hats for Leather Gloves (+4% def) which mountain snakes drop on a really rare occasion. You might think it was a bit of a lop-sided trade, the lice filled hats are part of a new quest that begins in the hospital (the result is the green ranger outfit you see on Mr. H. Solo sitting beside Tarq in the screenshot), but the monsters you need to kill for these hats are simpler to kill than mountain snakes. And while I can kill mountain snakes fairly easily one on one, I still fall victim when they group attack, so the trade was worth it for me.
 I spent a bit of time this morning hunting mogguns and they no longer do 10+ damage, it's all 1's as long as I don't get attacked by 4 or 5. Now that I can handly 3 or 4 mogguns at a time it's time to go after the coal for other helmets.

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