Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nice spider cave

Lately it seems like a lot of the usual haunts are crowded with more and more people on the main server. I've come to realize that Tarq's a bit of a tank. There are a lot of faster players doing more damage, but they're like chickens who hit and run, a few chops of a truly powerful monster and they're squawking home to Hades. That said, even at a higher level its easy to miss drops when you're not stated to do heavy damage.

I still don't understand how archers do a lot more damage than a warrior swinging a heavy sword, but it's how the game is currently set up so no point whining about it. Because more and more areas are getting crowded I've been looking for spots that are a little more quiet. The spot pictured above does from time to time have players in it, but it's nowhere near as popular as the spider corridor in the cave north of Hurnscald. And this spot is only a cave away - just bypass all the spiders and scorpions and take the north cave. This cave is strictly scorpions, no spiders, it's a nice spot to collect black scorpion tails if you don't mind waiting a bit.

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