Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tica leveling after level 40

Tica kill stats after red slime bout
I've already mentioned killing cave snakes is a good idea between levels 20 to 40, but it also appears to be one of the best methods to level after level 40.

I've noticed a slow down in Tica's ability to level. More powerful monsters like Mogguns, that give more experience, are too difficult for Tica as he's currently stated for a warrior.

Monsters lesser than cave snakes don't tend to spawn fast enough to equal the experience per minute - with one exception - the red slimes in the caves north of Hurnscald.

I did some kill stat analysis concentrating mostly on cave snakes and noticed Tica gets between 600 to 1000 exp / minute killing cave snakes. Killing red slimes resulted in about 900 exp / minute. The down side to killing red slimes is that Tica seems to take more damage from the red slimes - 8 to 9 hp per hit. Cave snakes hit with 2 - 3 points of damage, but take a little longer to kill. The up side of killing red slimes is they drop a variety of items that can be sold for gold.

For the next few levels Tica will be concentrating on upping the vitality stat.

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