Monday, June 17, 2013

Shyro PK'ed

Shyro archer PK'ed in the Terranite Cave
As a rule I don't like to PK (Player Kill) people - I personally think it makes the game more frustrating and less fun.

In fact of all the opportunities there's only ever been a couple of players I've went after. The first player was testing his new archer against me as a tank. I know this player's other archer could take me down given the right set of circumstances. The second player (a recent addition) was Shyro, but the circumstances were different. I had been in the red slime area of the terranite cave for about 5 minutes when Shyro came down from above and started firing at all the slimes, including the ones I was attacking. I think most players would agree it's a pretty rude thing to do, just enter an area and start plugging away at slimes someone else is attacking.

If Shyro asked when I was going to finish I might not have PK'ed him. Of course there is no protocol for playing and a game is a game. Some people would say that because tanks are slower that's tough... but then in places like the graveyard archers would be lost really quickly, so please remember and respect the role of tanks/warriors.

Interestingly this is how I first met Prsm as a player before he was a GM. I was hunting mogguns trying to get enough coal for Warlord armor when Prsm came in to the cave and picked off one of the mogguns... but as soon as he saw me he stopped, apologized and we started chatting. It turns out that at that time him picking off the mogguns was helpful, because they'd go after him and I, the weaker player, got to hit them without worry of damage. We've been friends ever since and I have great respect for him.

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