Friday, June 14, 2013

Terranite Chest Armor - is it worth it?

Purging of stash
Yesterday I purged a fair amount of junk from my stash and finally coughed up the 500,000 GP, 40 Terranite Ore and 250 coal for the Terranite Chest Armor. Until this point I've stayed away from the Terranite Armor because the cost just seemed too much for the benefit. The Warrior full plate armor has a higher defense, and as a warrior it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

So what changed? How is the terranite armor better? M. Defense goes up significantly by 10 full points, accuracy goes up by 1 point, attack delay goes down by 1 point (good), and damage per second goes up by one point. The armor does appear to have significant benefits, and for a ranger I'm sure it's the cat's meow, but I still have to put the armor to the torture test between a couple of terranites or against fallens and skeletons. The normal warrior armor is pretty solid against a couple of terranites.

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