Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gak's Sweet Rewards

Gak is now doling out rewards for the sweets given to him, but don't be hasty in cashing in... there are quite a few rewards and the price of the rewards is fairly high. Gak isn't fond of marshmallows, so each marshmallow earns you one credit. Other sweets earn you more credits (how many I missed, so don't you miss it). My guess is that it was only 2 credits for each of the other sweets. The rewards are as follows:

  • 9000 credits - Opera Mask
  • 7000 credits - Jester Mask
  • 4500 credits - Witch's Hat
  • 2500 credits - Goblin Mask
  • 800 credits - Guy Fawkes Mask
  • 500 credits - Scissors
  • 200 credits - Shock Sweet
  • 1 credit - Bone Arrow

In the screenshot below Cody is wearing the Jester Mask and I, Tarq, are wearing the Goblin Mask. I didn't quite have enough to also buy the Guy Fawkes Mask and you cannot go back and give Gak more sweets for credits. Once his stomach drops, that's it. I also was a little shy of the Scissors, which allow you to change your hair style without seeing the barber. The shock sweet changes your hair colour to white. I picked up one of these.

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